Stickers of NYC

Sticker art scene in NYC

This is a video I made as a Graphics intern at Fox News Channel in their College Associate program that made it to the finalist round.  The business interns created a video challenge with intentions to show us how video for news is becoming one of the best ways for millennials to get quick information while on social media.  The guidelines for the challenge were pretty flexible but as long it was informational and took some elements of the news videos we see on social media (Buzzfeed Videos, NowThis, Tasty, etc.)
I decided to make a video on my appreciation for sticker art appearing in NYC. Most of this was shot in the Chelsea area which is a place heavily filled with sticker art and galleries. Sticker art isn't so much as recognized in the street art realm.  Many see street art as graffiti and murals because they're so huge.  Street art is one of the defining features of NYC that truly reminds me of home. 
It took me about a day to shoot and edit the video. 

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